Tennis starts with love. Literally. In the beginning of the game, instead of saying zero all, we say love all instead. I never really knew why we used the word love instead of zero. However, I just found out that tennis originated from French and apparently zero point is love. I found that really interesting because you actually need to have love for the sport to actually do well and enjoy it. In the beginning of the school year, I hated the sport, I nearly quit because it was too much for my body. But later on, when tennis season started, I realized that my team needed me and the team bonding that FV has really started my love for tennis again. As season continued, I started to love tennis more and more because I got closer to the people on the team and I started to enjoy more. We all bonded so well that we started to perform well on the courts too. We are currently undefeated and number 1 in league because we finally all found love for tennis.

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