St. Thomas

“Because everyday should feel like a beach day” -Wilton Artisans

I found this quote on Google and it really stuck out to me because being at the beach is super relaxing. You don’t worry about anything and you just have a great time. To try and make everyday feel like you’re at the beach is very difficult but I think it is good advice because it’s just another way to say “make today the best day of your life. ” and I feel like even though it’s nearly impossible to have all great days, it’s a really good mindset to have to try and enjoy your life a little more. However, it also got me thinking, how can I make everyday feel like a beach day when I’m not actually at the beach? It’s an interesting way to think about your days that way, but from the day I heard that quote until now, I try to enjoy everyday of my life, even the bad days because it puts me in a better mood.



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