Baron Games

“Barons are you ready ready? Yeah we’re ready ready!”

Baron games. The time of the year where sophomores and juniors face off against freshmen and seniors. At Fountain Valley High School, there is one week dedicated to our school’s spirit. Each grade level battle it out during the week trying to earn points for either blue team or gold team. Finally, one the last day, we have a special assembly where everyone goes to watch as specific candidates from each team helps win more points. Gold team in notorious for losing, but in the year 2014, they won. Last year however, it was back to the normal and they lost again. However, I feel like Baron Games is so much more than just winning or losing. Gold team still gave it their all even though most of them believed they were going to lose. The school spirit that FV has is one of a kind. No matter what personality you have, on the last day of Barons Games. you will not find a single person not wearing blue or gold because that’s the kind of spirit that FV student has. Sometimes I wonder why do we have so much spirit? We look at other schools at football games and no one shows up, but when you look at our loud crowd, it’s a sea of students cheering our team on whether they’re winning or losing. I think Baron Games is a great way to show the connection the students have with the school. I asked a few people at school, “Why does everyone always dress up during spirit week?” and most of the response were, “It’s a tradition we have, we love our school and we just want to show our appreciation for it.” SO finally I understood why we had so much spirit. It’s because Fountain Valley High School is such a comforting environment more than others that students feel comfortable dressing up and wearing all sorts of things just to show spirit for the school.

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