How long will our friendship last?

I’ve been friends with Tiffany and Sarah for twelve years now and every year I hope we continue to stay friends because they bring out the best in me. However, people would always tell me that your high school friends will leave because everyone is off to their separate path to conquer life. It worries me because these two has always been there for me and would always invite me to hangout even though my chances of getting out of the house is very slim. Will our friendship last forever or will it soon fade away as graduation day gets closer? For the last twelve years of friendship, none of us would say that our friendship would be broken. But since everyone is telling me that it might, I’m starting to get my doubts. Hopefully, we aren’t the stereotypical friendship that everyone sees, but a group a friends that can stick by each other no matter the circumstance. Unfortunately, only time will tell if our friendship will last until our very last days.


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