As I was hiking a pathway called The Narrows at Zion National Park, the pain in my left ankle went numb for the hike. Even though it was clearly still swollen, the pain went away as if nature and the scenery of the hike healed it. The Narrows is a 16 mile hike upstream and the water was freezing cold. The rocks in the water made it very difficult for my ankle to be secure but two minutes into the hike, the pain was gone. I wasn’t exactly sure why because that same night, my ankle started hurting a lot again. However, I feel like nature is like a stress reliever, as your body gets exercise, your mind and body calms down as it takes in the beautiful scene of big tree and pretty waterfalls. My body went into a different state, a state of calmness and tranquility. I felt no pain, I felt no stress. Breathing in the fresh air gave body an extra boost of energy. Even though nature doesn’t seem like it does much, I think it has the ability to calm your body and put your mind at peace.

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