Bell Week

Bell Week is a very special week for students at Fountain Valley High School. It’s the one week where ASB spends hours everyday putting up posters they’re been making since the summer to prepare for a football game against our rival, Edison High School. Every year, the Barons show lots of school spirit as they dress up each day. This year, the dress up days were pajama day Monday, twin Tuesday, warrior Wednesday, Edison nerd day Thursday , and blue out Friday. It impresses me every year how many students actually put the time and effort into dressing up. For some reason, it makes me happy to see everyone showing their pride and respect to our school. It shows Fountain Valley isn’t just a school, it’s a family. Not only do the students dress up, but the staff as well. It just puts to me in a good mood, seeing everyone wear the craziest things to school and no one judging them. The people that don’t dress up are the ones that get judged. Even though Fountain Valley Barons haven’t gotten the bell back for many many years, the student still believe they can win every year by having an event called Glow Show where the students come to school at night with glow sticks and pump up the football team for the game the next day. It surprises me every year that even though we lose, the next year we come back stronger than ever and continue to show spirit and pride for our school.

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