High School Tennis

Sunset League Finals Individuals is a tournament in high school where everyone in our league competes in. There are two draws, singles and doubles, Each high school coach chooses their top players to compete it in. This was the third league final I have been in and this is probably the most memorable one. Not just because I was able to win league three times in a row, but my best friends also won league for doubles and my other teammates were able to place third. Winning is always fun, but winning with your friends and teammates makes it worth remembering. Also, we came in short during league finals team, placing second, so having our school sweep the champion in both singles and doubles really makes up for our loss for our team. We were so happy that we celebrated our victory for two days. All of our hard work and long practices finally payed off and the winners for doubles are seniors so it was nice for them to go out of tennis with a bang. However, there is still CIF, and our team is working hard to redeem ourselves and prove that we are better than what they think we are. 

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