Recently, my dad asked, “Hanh, what if you never quit swimming?” and that really made me think about it. My tennis career i high school is going so well, would I have been able to do just as well in swim if I kept at the sport? I would like to say yes to the question, but I would never be able to know. I wish there was some way I could be able to answer that question because I do really love swimming still even though I haven’t been in a pool for about five years. I still miss the sport like when someone misses a person that just passed away. That’s how much passion I had for swimming. I qualified for the Junior Olympics twice and would do literally anything to go to practice or get into the pool. Even at pool parties, I would always want to race people because I truly enjoyed it. I would say that I would have been able to do better in swimming than tennis because I was willing to practice and do whatever it took to get better for swim. I would have definitely have had a lot more fun and whenever you enjoy to do something, you’re usually better at it. 

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