What if magic was real? One of my favorite movies of all time is Harry Potter which is filled with all sorts of magical aspects. It makes me wonder, what if we live in a world where we are surrounded by witches and wizards but we just aren’t aware of it because we are just mere muggles. What if there is school where witches and wizards go to and learn about magic. What if there is an evil wizard trying to take over the wizarding world and all the muggles are oblivious about what is going on. Would their magic soon been exposed to the rest of the world? It makes me realize that there are so many things in life that I don’t know about. That there might be a whole new world outside of our own and haven’t gotten the chance to discover it yet. I wonder what it would feel like to actually be a witch and disguise myself as a regular human being. There can be witches and wizards going to Fountain Valley High School and no one knows it. That’s what so great about Harry Potter, it makes some of the things people think to be impossible, possible.


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