Today, my family and I ate dinner together. All of us around one table. We ate catfish with rice paper, a Vietnamese tradition. We haven’t eaten together in a long time because my brother and sister are always at work and I would just eat in my room when they’re not there. We bonded and enjoyed each other’s presence. And it makes me so happy to be apart of this family because not many families get along. We made fun of each other and talked about memories from our childhood and it just made me realize that one day, we are all going to grow up and not live under the same roof, but I’m positive that our bond would still be just as strong. It’s always smiles and laughters when we’re together. I’m almost positive I am happiest when I am hanging out with my family. Not even my friends can make me happier. With such a strong bond with my family, it makes me feel safe about telling them about my problems and trust them that they would help me and be understanding. Yes we have our ups and downs, but in the end, we’re family and family support each other. Today’s family dinner made me forget about my AP Bio test I am going to have to take on Monday. I enjoyed their presence and I hope that we will do it again soon before we all decide to go our own way and barely have time for each other.

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