“Make today the best day of your life and tomorrow even better” – Dylan Jordan

This line is said at the end of every video by a youtuber named Dylan that I recently found. This line really stood out to me because it has encouraged me to make the best of my day even when it is going downhill. It makes me see the better in people and in things. It helps me have a positive mindset and be nice to everyone even when they’re mean to you. I kill them with kindness instead of letting anger swell up in me, I ignore the problems and focus on the brighter side. Life is too short to let such little things ruin our days. In this picture, I seem to be having a good time with my family in Vietnam, but really, I was feeling awful. I had a stomach ache, the air was sticky, it was super hot, and all we did was visit temples, but I put that all aside because the main part of the trip was to be together with my family. They helped me through the three weeks filled with mosquito bites and diarrhea. Despite all the horrible and awful things that I experienced throughout the day, I actually enjoyed the presence of my family and took the time to talk to all of them on our long bus rides. As the days went on, I complained less and smiled more because I knew how grateful I was to be going on vacation with my entire family member and each of us getting along with each other.

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