“…but it will be up to the loser to unite us.” – Mickey Edwards

This line reminds me of the time when Fountain Valley tennis team beat Los Alamitos 12-6 at our home game because when Los Al lost, they had the worse sportsmanship that we have all seen in awhile. Los Al was a team that Fountain Valley respected and looked up to, but after that day, we lost all respect and no longer called them our friends. The second time around when we played them at their home court, they brought their football team out and had them call us names and make fun of us while we were playing our game. This is related to that quote because if Los Al just accepted the lost and was happy for our win, the two school may have gotten along better and Los Al’s reputation wouldn’t have been destroyed. It was up to them to keep our good friendly rivalry but due to their bad sportsmanship, it ruined that bond we had with them, and we no longer have respect for their team after what they have done to us.

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