Photo by The Agony Booth

To be honest, I had to read Vera Pavlova’s poem, To converse with the greatest, many many many times to really understand the meaning of it. The lines that really stood out to me was, “To talk with a clock by tapping a wall in the solitary confinement of the universe.” This line stood out to me because one of my favorite movies is Interstellar, and there is a scene in the movie where the main character is all alone in a different universe after falling into a black hole. He ends up in a place where he can see everything that has happened and the current events. He starts to tap on the bookshelves to communicate with his daughter in the real world with a watch that he gave to her before he went off to explore space. By tapping on the walls of the shelves, it moves the handles of the clocks like dots and dashes used in morse code allowing his daughter to understand the message he is trying to set out. Therefore, I think that in those lines, Vera Pavlova is trying to say that you are able to talk with other people in a different universe by tapping on walls because that is how clocks communicate with each other. That no matter where you are or the time difference, you are always able to talk to them. 

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