Why do drugs?

Why do people do drugs? This week is red ribbon week at our school and it had me questioning why people decided to start using drugs in the first place. Many of us were educated and told that drugs are bad and we shouldn’t do it. So why do so many of us attempt to use drugs? I understand that it is a way for people to forget about their problems for awhile, but once the drugs wear off, they have to face reality again and the only thing that the drugs did was ruin their body. It’s incredible to see how many people say that they won’t get involved in drugs but a few years later, they can’t go a week without it. Why would they want to consume something that harms their body? Many people I know who start doing drugs begin to have a lower performance in school. It is as if they are just throwing their life away to get high and have a good time for a short amount of time. In addition, when people start getting addicted, it doesn’t just affect them but also the people who cares about them. It causes their love ones to start worrying and want to help them but sometimes they don’t want to get better. And that’s what I don’t understand. Why don’t addicts allow people to help them to get better? I have watched a lot of interventions in health class and most of the times, they don’t want help. They would rather just do drugs and end up overdosing and passing out. I know running away from your problems are trying to make yourself feel better is really difficult but I believe that there are better ways to fix your problems than doing drugs because the drugs don’t even last forever and it is expensive and hard to get and illegal. So why do drugs?

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