About a week ago, my english teacher assigned us an assignment to interview one of our families about their life. We were free to ask any question. He recommended that we interviewed our parents or grandparents, but I am not close enough to them to ask them personal questions about their life, so I decided to interview my sister. I asked her, “Do you remember how you felt when you moved to the United States? Can you tell me about your school experience? How is the United States different from Viet Nam?” Since I wasn’t born in Viet Nam but everyone else in my family were, I wanted to know what it was like growing up in an area that’s poorer. I have visited Viet Nam three times and I personally hate it. I can’t imagine growing up in an environment that is so dirty. However, to my surprise, my sister really loves Viet Nam. She didn’t mind growing up there and really wants to go back there and visit our family. This assignment allowed me to get to know how the rest of my family grew up. It also showed me how much of a sacrifice my parents made to move to the United States because from what my sister said, they all wanted to stay in Viet Nam because that’s what they’re use to. That’s their home. But my dad was able to find a job in the United States and they all left their home for a better opportunity but they didn’t how it would be. I know it wasn’t easy to get use to the new life, but I am very grateful for it.

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