Tennis Banquet

A few weeks ago, the Fountain Valley girl’s tennis team finally had a banquet. We ate at the Luxe Buffet in Westminster Mall. We had a great season and it was time that we celebrate all of our accomplishments. However, this banquet wasn’t like the others that I have been to the past years. I feel like our team has gotten a lot closer this year. I am not sure why, maybe because we did so well, but it just happened. So when it was time to leave, it was all very hard for everyone, especially the seniors. Everyone was in tears. It was like the tears were contagious, it started with one person and you turn around and you see another girl crying. It’s nice to know that our team was so close this year that everyone got emotional. Personally, I am not close to many of the girls on the team. I usually just kept to myself and did my part of help the team out with the games, but I never really spent time with them off of the courts. So I think I was the only one who wasn’t crying because I didn’t feel a connection with any of them. And to think back on it, I am kind of sad that I missed an opportunity to have gotten to known all these wonderful people. Overall, I think we all had a great time and this was the perfect way to end our season. I will definitely miss all of the seniors, but I’m excited for next season and hopefully can bring home a big win next year. And hopefully I would be able to talk to most of my teammates and create a special friendship with them since I will be their new captain.

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