2016.Probably the roughest year I have ever encountered. And apparently I wasn’t the only one that had an awful year. It seems like everyone just took many L’s in the year 2016. The world lost so many important and influential people. Everyone was heartbroken this year. However, I feel like everyone was able to learn and grow from this year. Many of us realized who are real friends were. Many of us experienced heartache. And for me, 2016 was the year I started junior year which is an absolute pain. I lost many friends that I expected to keep for a lifetime. I became more reserved to myself and never really spoke out for my beliefs. I started to become someone I wasn’t. I lost myself for awhile. I did and said whatever it took to get someone to like me. But later in the year, I realized I wasn’t happy. I had horrible thoughts and I didn’t want to live anymore. And that was when I realized who my real friends were. They stuck by my side the whole time and made me feel protected. And even though there is only a small of amount of true friends I have, one of them told me that it doesn’t matter the amount you have, as long as they show that they love you and care for you, that is all that matters. I got into a fight with my family and friends. But I think I changed a lot from this year. This blog is kind of all over the place but that is because I’m still trying to find myself. I couldn’t really put 2016 into words but I am glad 2016 happened because I learned and grew a lot. I became more independent and more confident. So thank 2016 for giving me a challenge to overcome. 2017 please be a good one filled with the people I love.

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