The Great Gatsby

In “Notes on the Upper Muddle,” I found a similarity between the article and the book my English class has just recently finished reading, called The Great Gatsby. In the article, the writer talks about how she is was kind of ashamed for being apart of the lower end of the middle class. She was kind of embarrassed of her cars while her friends all had expensive cars when they turned 17. She talked about how her parents were a bunch of cheap people who didn’t want to spend money even if they did have the money. Similarly in The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby was ashamed of his pass. He was poor and really had nothing from his parents. He lied that his parents were both dead and that he inherited his money from his parents to seem like he was wealthy, but in the end, we found out that his father was still alive and his family was actually really poor. Gatsby left to have a better and richer future which he was able to do. The article talks about how everyone seems to think that social class isn’t really a thing anymore, but in reality it is still there. In the book, this is shown when we find out that Gatsby threw all these big parties and bought a nice house and clothes just to be able to be with Daisy again. If Gatsby was as poor as he was before, Daisy probably wouldn’t have talked to him because they were in different classes and people in different social classes don’t really associate with each other.

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