In the Ted talk that we watched in my English class, the man talked about how children these days need more time to just play and not inside the house worried about their school work. He said that throughout the past years, there is a increase in depression, anxiety, and suicidal for kids that around 7-19 year olds. I personally believe that the reasons for all these mental health problem is because of the school work and kids never have time to just relax and have fun. From personal experience, my parents never let me hangout with my friends, they still don’t. They only let me out of the house if I am with my siblings or cousins. However, my siblings are a lot older than me and my cousins live far so it’s hard to hangout with them. The result of that, I had so much stress at home because I would always see my friends going on fun adventures together and living their lives while I am at home just studying or reading a book. As a result, I felt lonely, and sad, and I times I thought I wouldn’t make it in life and I just wanted my life to end. So I can relate a lot to this Ted talk. I feel like the work load that school gives us is too much and we aren’t able to have fun with our lives like my parents were able to.

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