Tet (Lunar New Year)

Just last weekend, my family celebrated Lunar New Year also known as Tet in Vietnamese or Chinese New Year. During this holiday celebration, a tradition my family does is where all the children line up and wishes each adult good luck and prosperity for the upcoming new year and the adults give the children a red envelop with money inside to symbolize good luck. This is by far my favorite holiday because not only do we spend time together with our family and wish we each other well, we get to gamble with the money we receive. Also, there is a tradition where we all wear a beautiful long dress called “Ao Dai.” I honestly don’t like the dresses because they’re super tight and itchy but it’s a tradition and so I don’t mind it that well. My family also went to a temple the night before and we would see fireworks and set off a bunch of firecrackers. Tet is a tradition that I would never want to die as the years go on because it sets a good mood for everyone for the new year and it is also a very fun way to gamble with the adults and kids all together.

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