Let’s Get Specific

In my AP English Language class, our teacher has told us to write a descriptive essay. For me personally, I hate writing. It is not my favorite thing to do and I am by far not the best at it either. So when I was told we had to write one, I wanted to drop out of the class. Like if someone tells you to do something you don’t want to do, you’d do whatever it takes to get out of it right? Well, that’s a little hard for me because I want to do well in the class so I actually have to try to do it. We were given can article called Let’s Get Specific  where it gives us examples of how to write a good descriptive essay. A descriptive essay must be, like the article said, “specific and concrete.” However, when I wrote my first draft, I was the opposite, the article used the words “general and abstract.” I am not creative in any way possible, so describing something in a way that people would be able to imagine in their head is a real challenge for me. And so a question I have been asking myself is, “How would I be able to be specific and concrete?” Even in my pass essays, my teacher has always left the comment, “be more concrete.” Unfortunately, I was never able to understand that and I am still not able to use that in my writing. Then, after reading this article, I was able to understand the meaning of “concrete” a little more. You have to really really really specific.

For example, the picture above is a bag of skittles. Clearly, everyone knows that because it is written on the bag. I do not have to state that again in my writing. But what I can do is describe the flavors of each colored skittles and give the textures of the skittles when I first bite into it and when it’s almost gone. It’s kind of like digging a hole, the further down you dig, the more concrete you’ll get. But if you just dig around the surface, it would be too abstract and people wouldn’t be able to picture it in their heads.

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