In the article bit.ly/trumpspelling (Spelling’s not for eveyrone, Mr. Precendent) the writer, Allan Fallow, talks about our president and how many of his tweets has lots of typos. And for someone with such a high position in the United States, everyone is able to see President Trump’s tweets and it shows his lack of intelligence. This, in fact, can cause people to question whether or not he is capable enough to be the POTUS if he can’t even spell a few simple words correctly. Personally, it disgusts me that the person in charge of our country can’t even spell. Basically all phones have autocorrect, so him misspelling a word shouldn’t be very acceptable, a grammar mistake would be more reasonable, but since he has such an important role in the world, he should at least have an editor look at his tweets before he makes it public to show that he seems like he knows what he is doing. Donald Trump is someone who everyone either hates or loves, there really is no in between and if he expects the people that loves him to stick by his side for the next four year, he should try to prove that he is capable. Some people may think that spelling isn’t a big deal, that it has nothing to do with his presidential responsibilities. But how are we able to know that Trump is doing the right things if he can’t simply send out a tweet without any spelling mistakes. I personally think it shows that he lacks the intelligence to lead our nation.

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