Celebrity Activists

“He will not divide us.” One of my best friends is white and even with all of these political and racial issues going on in our country, I don’t think there would be anything that would end our friendship. And I think this article about Shia Labeouf just shows that people have different perspective of things. The article talks about celebrity activists and how their actions influence other people around them because their influence has a lot more impact that an ordinary person. The picture above is a picture of my best friend and I honestly can’t imagine my life without her. The quote “He will not divide” can be interpreted in many different way but they way I see it is that, even though some of our opinions are different than our leader’s, it would not be able to divide our friendship. Even if we are different colored skin, i realized that people are more alike than a lot of us think. Some people just let the color of our skin determine that we’re different, but our experiences and lives are really similar if we just took the time and asked about it .


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