High School

High School is only four years of your life. So why does every high school student want to graduate so badly? Including myself. From everything I have heard, learning is suppose to be fun. My parents loved going to school, and it didn’t seem so stressful as it does today. They were able to go out on school days and have fun without having to worry about the workload they had like kids today. Why has school gotten so hard? I thought high school was suppose to fun where you learn life lessons and make the most amazing memories. But honestly, all I will remember are the long nights I had to stay up to study for a test that probably won’t even matter in the future. All teachers say they understand that we have a lot of work to do but still assign us hours of a homework a day… multiply that by six, high school students don’t get any sleep. We stress out way too much about school. Why can’t school be as stress free as it was before? Why has the education level gotten so hard? The competition is so hard that it is hard for an average student to get into their dream school. There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not worried about school. Every teenager now a days say “kill me” or “I want to die” on the daily because school is just too much for them. Usually when someone says that, another friend comforts them and tells them to stay strong, but now, the response is just, “Dude me too, I can’t do this anymore.” It’s gotten to the point where kids aren’t even learning anymore. They’re just trying to pass a class because school decided to make it seem like our grades determine our self worth and our future. If we don’t do well on this one test, it will ruin our chances of getting into our dream school forever or being successful. Personally, I am not enjoying high school and I wish the education system would see that school is way too difficult for kids these days and make a change to it as soon as possible. The picture above is me with a few of my closest friends and just looking at the picture just makes me not want to graduate high school because the future is scary and I don’t know if we would still be friends after high school ends.

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