On the topic of zines that my teacher has recently talked about. Zines are a way people are allow to express themselves but I think another way people can do that is through their makeup. I feel like a lot of times people mistaken makeup as a way to cover up imperfections and insecurities. Although that can be the reason for some people, most people use makeup to express their creativity and artwork. There are plenty of makeup artists who doesn’t have any problems with their face but still wears makeup daily because they enjoy it. Personally, I am no makeup artist, but I wear makeup because I think it’s fun it put on. I don’t find the need to, but whenever I get bored, I just put some makeup on because it gives me something to do and test my creativity skills. People are able to express themselves through makeup by adding certain shades and designs on their faces that suits them. I’m more of a simple person so I don’t do anything too crazy to my face. I tend to reach for neutral shades for my eyes and don’t attempt to do a winged eyeliner because it’s just too difficult. I am still learning how to do my own makeup but makeup is one way I am able to express myself similar to how some people create zines to express themselves.


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