Wages Rise in California


cc Gabe Farnsworth

The article that my english teacher assigned to his class is the complete opposite of the book that we are reading called “The Grapes of Wrath.” The book talks about how farmers were kicked off of their land and now going to California for find a job at any pay possible. However, in this article, the minimum wage just got raised but not many people want the job. I found that really interesting because back then, people were willing to get a job with only 30 cents an hour, while now they’re willing to pay 14 dollars an hour and people still don’t want it. I understand that it isn’t that much compared to other jobs such as a doctor or pharmacist. But it is something. People are able to get back on their feet with a job that pays just minimum wage. Compared to Grapes of Wrath, the Joads need a job to get back on their feet because they got kicked off their lands so they would do whatever it takes to get a job no matter the pay. Now, people won’t even take a job when the minimum increased by quite a lot.


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