I have been really into zodiacs lately just because everything about it is so interesting to me and very accurate. I am a pisces, and a few things i learned about pisces were that they are very sensitive and like to dream about unrealistic things. Which for me, is really true. I am more of a dreamer rather than someone who is realistic because it just makes me in a happier mood. Also, a few things that I found very accurate were who pisces are friends with and that was cancers and virgos. To my surprise, my two best friends are cancer and virgo which really got me hooked into all these zodiacs. I have downloaded an app that would describe how my day would be like as a pisces, and surely enough it’s really accurate. Yes, there are some times that it’s not true, but for the most part it is and it really interests me. There was a category in Jeopardy about zodiacs and I got them all right. I learned about all the signs and how they act. Now, whenever I meet someone, I ask for their sign and I can get a good idea of how they are like.


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