Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is by far my favorite disney movie ever. Belle was the first disney princess I watched as a kid and going back to the movies and seeing it in live-action film made me feel as if I was five again. There’s just something so magical about the movie. The songs the sing, the entire plot of the stories, it’s amazing. To top things of, one of my favorite actress played the role of Belle, Emma Watson. She is stunningly beautiful and a very talented actress as well. I fell in love with her after watching her playing Hermione in Harry Potter. She was tough and brave in Harry Potter and she is tough and brave in Beauty and the Beast as well. This movie definitely lived to my expectations and I am so glad I was able to watch it in the theaters with my best friend Tiffany. It’s definitely one movie that I was remember until I die and with make my children and grandchildren all watch it.  


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