Food Waste in America

Reading about Food Waste in America made me feel really bad and guilty about the actions I so. I personally hate milk with a burning passion so there are some nights where I would pour the milk down the drain rather than just drink it. Milk, after all, is really good for the human body. I am very hypocritical because when I watched this and read about it, I was angry at the people that dumped the milk. Because there are so many people in the work that are starving and thirsty and the people here are just throwing it away just because it passed the expiration date even though drinking it afterwards won’t cause any sicknesses. And to further my angriness, the fact that they aren’t allow to donate it or sell it for cheaper makes it ten times worse because it’s food. People are dying and we are dumping away perfectly good milk. As i watched this, I felt very bad and vowed that I would never dump milk down the drain anymore because there is already enough milk going to waste.


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